Long Term Serviced Apartments in Singapore, Monthly Basis

12 Jul 2023 By admin

Long-Term Serviced Apartments in Singapore | Monthly Basis

 A fast-growing industry, serviced apartments are vied for a number of reasons. These home-away-from-home accommodation options in Singapore are being snapped up by employers needing long-term accommodation on overseas assignments, business travellers relocating with families and those on a long-term stay for leisure. With the flexibility to rent and review on a monthly basis, our 1 bedroom serviced apartments & more are steadily becoming the preferred option over hotels. We also offer 2 bedroom serviced apartment for our guests.

What makes renting a serviced apartment that much more viable an option?

Benefits of Renting Serviced Apartments

Just like hotels, serviced apartments offer luxe, secure and comfortable space to rest in. However, our serviced apartments in Singapore are much more superior for long-term stays as they accommodate and fulfil your living, breathing needs over an extended period of time. If you’re staying for longer than a couple of days, renting these on a monthly basis can help you cover the hassle of accommodation in a pinch! Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Spacious and Comfortable: Larger than an averagely sized 200sqft hotel room, our serviced apartments are expansive, offering you plenty of legroom for a comfortable stay.
  2. A fully-furnished apartment: Our Somerset & Orchard serviced apartment is complete with a kitchen, living room and bedrooms, you will be able to live in the space for a longer time. Our serviced apartments give you a home, with the added perk of hotel-like comforts of free Wi-Fi, television and a 24-hour gym.
  3. Greater cost-savings: When you book our serviced apartments in Singapore on a monthly basis – you get to reap greater savings as compared to staying in a hotel. The longer you stay, the higher your savings. Likewise, you can cook all your meals in the apartment and not rack up bills on bar usage, laundry and room service meals.
  4. Better accessibility: Given that many are here for months, these serviced apartments offer convenience for business travellers. With desirable locations in the business districts, you also save on travel costs.

Book With Us

 Staying longer than a couple of months? Go for comfort, convenience and luxury when you book our serviced apartments in Singapore. We offer virtual tours of the apartments offered. To book, get in touch with us.
We also provide one of the best Singapore short term accommodation for travel or business purposes.