Pet Friendly Hotel in Singapore

Pet Friendly Hotel in Singapore

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Pet-Friendly Hotel in Singapore

 Are you a pet owner and finding it a hassle to locate a pet friendly hotel in Singapore? Taking pets on a short staycation or long holiday can be a dream come true for many. This is where Thanksgiving Serviced Residence and our range of serviced apartments come in. Catering to the needs of both our guests and their pets, we not only permit cats and dogs in our apartments but our friendly staff also offer top-quality services like those in luxury hotels in Singapore.

Why Choose our Pet Friendly Accommodation in Singapore?

 Typically relying on the services of pet hotels that only accommodate furry friends, pet owners are left unsure about the safety of their pets while away. Over the years, there have been expressions of dissatisfaction around the ethics of pet hotels and the services provided. At Thanksgiving Serviced Residence, we understand your need to ensure your pet’s safety. Therefore, unlike cat and dog friendly hotels in Singapore that keep you separate from your pets, at our serviced apartments, they can reside with you! Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Housekeeping Services: Beyond our apartments coming with a kitchen, living room, and bedrooms, we provide you with the added perk of housekeeping services – say goodbye to keeping your apartment clean by yourself.
  2. Rooftop Garden: Unlike other hotels that do not permit pets or at times restrict their movement within the vicinity, when you book our dog friendly apartments in Singapore, you and your pets get to explore the area with ease.
  3. Better accessibility: Given that many guests of Thanksgiving Residence are here for months, our serviced apartments offer convenience, unlike any other. Located within walking distance of Orchard Road, Bugis, and Somerset, accessing pet cafes and vast parks is a breeze.

*Also, note that there is a nightly surcharge of SGD20 per pet for specialised housekeeping routines when you check-out.

Book with Us Today

 Opt for comfort, convenience and affordability when you book our pet friendly serviced apartments in Singapore. We offer virtual tours of the apartments offered. To book, get in touch with us.

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