Unique Things To Do In Singapore

Posted by Eric Chiang on Sep 12, 2019

Referred sometimes as the Asian Tiger and called the ‘Garden City’ other times, Singapore is a fascinating place filled with beauty and multicultural exuberance with Unique Things To Do In Singapore.

Whether you talk about the country’s strength in the financial sector or you wish to discuss its Tourism, Singapore is a front-runner in almost every field. When talking about tourism, the country’s amazing ability to attract tourists from all parts of the world is not hidden from anyone.

According to the Industry Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report for 2017, Singapore ranks 3rd on the list of Asian countries, while Japan and Hong Kong are the top 2, respectively.

For travel enthusiasts, exploring new and amazing things is always a charm. We’ve selected a list of 4 unique things that should be on top of your ‘Must Do’ list for your next trip to Singapore. Let’s have a look at them.

Unique things to do in Singapore

Unique things to do in Singapore: Explore Haw Par Villa

Probably one of the weirdest tourist spots ever, Haw Par Villa is a place worth exploring. It is said to be a theme park, but I am pretty sure you would never have seen a theme park like this, ever. It does not have the typical features of a theme park such as rides, carnival games, or cotton candy stands.

Instead, Haw Par Villa has over 1000 statues that add a different flick to the Chinese culture. Haw Par Villa was historically used by schools and parents to teach their children Chinese values.

However, today, it is more of a tourist attraction, even though it is not busy anymore.

The statues are pretty impressive at the start, and later on, they might even leave you in shock as you explore them further. The statues gradually become stranger and stranger.

From a pig in underwear to mermaids with naked breasts to a breastfeeding Grandma, it would be surprising if you get through all the statues before you start feeling stupid.

Still, the theme park is worth a visit for sure to have a memorable experience that you can be sure you will never forget.

Don’t forget to visit the Ten Courts of Hell exhibition as it will take the weirdness to another level. It includes a scene from each court of hell, represented by small statues torturing their victims terribly.

Defy gravity with a water jetpack:

A trip to Singapore is incomplete if you don’t visit Sentosa Island. Well, guess what! Sentosa got even better now. Sentosa Island has now added ‘Jet Blading’ to its comprehensive list of activities. If there was ever a chance for you to feel like a diving dolphin, now is the time.

Jet blades that are basically boots attached to a board and water jets are water-powered devices that help you to escalate as high as 1.5m above water. The jet blades are powered by a jet ski which pushes it above water.

Jetblading, also known as flyboarding, is becoming an increasingly popular activity for thrill-seekers. Knowing how to swim is not a must, but if you are confident of having fun with water, this activity is tailor-made for you.

Jetblading might seem hard, but once you get the hang of it, it is fascinating. Beginners usually stay 1-2m above water at maximum, but they can slowly learn to be better. While in the water, you move from swimming to a standing position and then rise above.

If you are stable enough, you can go quite high. Begin in a swimming position with your arms and legs extended behind you while your head is above the water. Your upper chest must be lifted and your face down.

It is a safe activity, and your instructor will be on a jet ski so he can monitor the water pressure for your jet blades. He will also be giving instructions simultaneously through a walkie talkie.

The key tip to remember during jet blading is balancing as it will help you remain steady above the water. You can even perform different impressive stunts such as backflips when you get used to how it functions,

Be an F1 driver for a day:

Each one of us has watched F1 races on TV for as long as we can remember. How about trying to be an F1 driver for a day? Go Karting at ‘The Karting Arena’ is something you won’t regret being a part of.

Within 8 minutes, the drivers can run as many laps as possible. The cars in the facility are the best you will find in any go-karting arena.

They are electric, comfortable, and undergo daily maintenance checks.

Whether you wish to Go-kart alone or with your kids, the place is merely exceptional. Only children above the age of 9 and a height of 1.4 m are allowed to go-kart solely.

Helmets are also required for anyone who is driving. In addition, children and non-licensed drivers are restricted to a safe speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour. In case of an accident, the car is able to slow down to 10 kilometers per hour automatically.

With all these safety measures in place, if there were ever a place you would want to try Go Karting, this would be the ideal place to do so.

In addition, there are plenty of significant benefits for children who race cars. Improved concentration and hand-eye coordination are associated with car racing.

Unique things to do in Singapore: Pulau Ubin:

With everything moving so fast in the epic city of Singapore, if you feel like visiting a quiet place away from the city’s hustle and looking for unique things to do in Singapore, ‘Pulau Ubin’ awaits you.

If you wish to revisit the real Singapore, as it was a few decades back, this is the place for you.

It is located just off the north-eastern coast of mainland Singapore. The island is in the shape of a boomerang and has an area of 10.2 square kilometers.

The beautiful touch of nature and the simplicity of an era long gone, Pulau Ubin will help you find out more about the time when fishing and farming were significant means of living and when local villagers used wells for water.

Pulau Ubin is the ideal place to take your family to where your children can also learn about the primitive ages and the many methods of survival. Pulau Ubin will ensure that your children get in touch with nature.

Singapore is as stunning as it gets and for your next trip here, we recommend you to visit these fantastic places to enhance this experience of a lifetime.

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