Things to do in Singapore on budget

Posted by Eric Chiang on Sep 12, 2019

A lot of us wouldn’t mind traveling to Singapore after reading our ultimate guide on Things to do in Singapore on budget.

So many would love to travel to the Lion city; perhaps on vacation, adventure or just for that much-required change of scenery, but traveling can be quite an expensive venture.

From the cost of plane tickets to the cost of food, accommodation, and entertainment, having enough left for having fun could be tough; especially if you’re on a budget.

Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of wonderful activities you could engage in and beautiful places you could visit in Singapore, without spending your life savings on holiday.

Pictures do not do enough justice. Imagine you are in your hiking sports gear, surrounded by lush green vegetation, coupled with that distinct earthy smell in the air which may only found in nature’s bosoms.

Things to do in Singapore on budget: treetop walk

The MacRitchie Treetop Walk is an immensely beautiful place in Singapore. Quite frankly, it comes with one of the best views of nature you will find in Singapore. It is simply breathtaking. Unfortunately, like most things in life, though, there is a catch.

The 250-meter suspension bridge that runs through the Central Catchment Nature Reserve on its two highest hills might be able to boast of an awe-inspiring view of nature, but this view is only accessible to those who are ready to make the long hike to the MacRitchie TreeTop Walk.

Some things can’t be satisfactorily described or captured unless experienced in person and the TreeTop Walk is one of them. Standing atop nature, staring at the plants and animals below and around you is indeed something to experience in person.

The Treetop walk is an excellent option for tourist visiting Singapore who are looking for an adventure, beauty and simply wants to have a memorable experience. What’s more, it will keep the bank smiling at the end because like nature, it is free and accessible to all.

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Things to do in singapore on budget

The Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk

Traveling and having a beautiful sunset and breathtaking experiences aren’t pseudo lifestyles seen only in movies. The Marina Bay Sands Boardwalk is a show of lights and hues, especially at night.

The boardwalk is along the bay and overlooks the water and various aesthetic buildings and skyscrapers.

Imagine walking along the bay as the sun begins to set and staring at the orange skies and colorful scenery, all the while surrounded by various attractions and conveniences designed to improve your experience.

The Helix Bridge and the ArtScience Museum are lovely examples of such. The Helix Bridge was designed to look like the shape of the human DNA, and while this would be enough to attract any tourist or traveler.

It also comes with viewing platforms to further reward tourists with an even better view of the scenery.

The ArtScience Museum is also another indulgence that adds up to the experience. Also, the view of the surroundings from boat rides is unrivaled and captivating.

The buildings and beautiful city lights, all swimming around you in a myriad as you glide softly on the water and stare at the reflection on the water. It is not just beautiful and incredibly romantic; it is also a great place to take pictures. All these and more, coupled with its affordability, makes visiting it one of the things to do in Singapore.

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Singapore’s Nightmare Theme Park

For those with interest in Chinese mythology and softcore horror, Singapore’s Nightmare Theme Park would be your best bet. The Haw Par Villa comes with a lot of history behind it.

The Villa contains the Ten Courts of Hell from Chinese mythology and numerous statues. All these add to its slightly terrifying feel. The Haw Par Villa was initially meant to teach children about different mythology but was substantially transformed and changed over the years after the Singapore Tourism Board restored the land.

It is dripping with culture and history as each statue contains its own stories and tales, including China’s four great folktales. Free admission to the park and the immersion in culture makes it another place to visit in Singapore when on a budget.

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Things to do in singapore on budget

Things to do in Singapore on budget:   Gardens by the Bay

Another unique place to visit in Singapore would be the Gardens by the bay. These gardens are a marvelous display of horticultural creativity and art. Specifically, the Flower Dome might be one of the most beautiful displays of flowers and plants you will ever see.

The dome not only exposes you to some plants and flowers you have never seen before from different parts of the world but also adequately portrays nature’s little beauties in a way that is fast becoming scarce in our modernized world.

The Flower Dome provides a welcome reprieve through its relaxed atmosphere.

Both locals and tourists can indulge themselves, while escaping the Singapore heat, in the stunning attractions that the dome provides in the form of its Flower Field and Begonia display, amongst many others. This particular garden can boast of more than just scenery.

Areas of the dome, such as the part in which the 1000-year olive tree planted to provide significant serenity for tourists and visitors. This would especially sound appealing to travel writers who would fancy a quiet place to sit and document everything around them.

The Flower Dome is just one of the attractions that display of a certain brilliance of its kind in the Gardens by the bay.

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The difference between your spending above your budget and you staying happily within its confines is pretty much having adequate knowledge of the cost-effective places to visit when in Singapore.

You can get the most out of your trip or vacation to Singapore without having to sacrifice your enjoyment and experience. Ideally, whether you are traveling solo or together with your partner to look for a beautiful and romantic spot for a getaway.

These are some of the best and must-visit places in Singapore.

Now you can have your dream vacation without having to break open your piggy bank.