Marina Bay Sands Light Show

Posted by Eric Chiang on Sep 16, 2019

Watching the Marina Bay Sands Light Show should be no.1 on your list if you are looking at all the great things you can do during your visit to Singapore on a budget,

The light and water show takes place every day at Marina Bay Sands and is available for the public to see absolutely for free.

While the light and water show happen at the same time and place, you cannot watch both of them together.

In order to have a decent view of the water show, you have to be at the Marina Bay Sands and for the light show, have to be across the bay.

There are two shows that happen every day so you can get an alternative according to your preference; watch one at 8 pm and the other on at 9.30pm.

Marina Bay Sands Light show

About the Marina Bay Sands Light Show

The whole show is approximately 15 minutes long and is called Spectra. The show is designed to include breathtaking displays using lasers, lights, and water effects to create projections in the night sky.

The display also includes a giant prism that is located in the center of the Spectra and is used to add that additional reflection effect to the whole experience.

The soundtrack that the lights and water move to is created by a talented local producer known as Kenn C.

The Australian Agency developed the Marina Bay Sands Light, and Water Spectra show is known as Imagination.

It replaced the old show called Wonder Full in 2017 which had run and amused crowds of hundreds of people for six years.

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How they create the stunning light show

The show is divided into four exciting parts and is based on Singapore’s story from the beginning to becoming one of the world’s greatest cosmopolitan cities.

The innovative water fountains and the technology that is used to bring them all together is breathtaking, and there is no better experience you can give in the country in exchange for spending no money at all.

The show uses pyramids, straight jets, mist effects, and several other creative techniques to truly mesmerize the audience by presenting to them something they might have never seen before.

Marina Bay Sands Light show

The show also makes use of underwater LED lights that are as powerful as 500w and help provide even more vibrant hues.

The light and water usage are connected to the soundtrack in a way that it to trigger the effects, and the music system is also a tool that magnifies the whole experience.

If you’re in Singapore and have a thing for striking displays of light and water, the Light and Water show is your place to be.

Spare one evening out of your schedule and spend it reveling in the spectacular usage of things as simple as light and water to create wonders that are sure to take your breath away.

A lifetime experience with absolutely no cost attached to it; is there anything better?

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The Directions to the Light Show

It is located at the Event Plaza along the promenade of the Marina Bay Sands. Alight at the CE1/DT16 Bayfront Station, use the exit C or D and the water show is a five-minute walk away if you are traveling by train (MRT).

You can alight at the Marina Bay Sands Theater Bus Stop (03501), with the bus numbers – 97, 106, 518, 133 and 502 if you are traveling by Bus.